Welcome to my website, here you will find information about my life, my self !

I graduated from Halim Focalı Tourism Vocational High School in Izmir.
First, I graduated from Pamukkale University culinary program associate degree, then Gaziantep University Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Undergraduate Program.I am in the thesis period of Istanbul Topkapi University Master's program.

I started my professional life in 2011 at Izmir Swissotel Grand Efes. After a few different hotel experiences, I entered the restaurant industry.

After the transfer of the owner of the famous Mancar Restaurant in Alacati, I started my first kitchen chef experience
as a "Head Chef" at the newly opened
Eflatun Bahce in 2018.

In my first year as a kitchen chef, I had the honor of having the "Chaine de Rotisseurs" dinner invitation together with our business owner.

My career continued to develop by gaining experience in various countries and cities, including Izmir, Alacati, Kusadası, Antalya, Spain-Madrid, Istanbul, Canakkale, Iraq-Baghdad.

In January 2022, I created a workshop in Istanbul called
FEYH KITCHEN STUDIO with the concept of catering, events, special meals. at the beginning of 2023, I released an ebook called "Smoky road" under the title "still 27 years old" and I am actively continuing to write.

I have completed my first thesis on the culture I was born with the title "Turkish Culinary Civilizations".

Over the years, I have believed that the basic philosophy of Turkish culinary culture is a local and refined understanding of cuisine.

I believe there is a life story behind every meal.  The important thing is to be able to integrate this story.

The article I have written and my thesis studies are based on a culinary concept with a story.


''As I've always said, in my life, cooking is not a recipe, it's a philosophy."

-Marco Pierre White-

That's what I believe in.

The basic philosophy of my gastronomic identity is to display a new and sustainable perspective while protecting cultural

consumption, local products and traditional techniques. Working by supporting the rich product variety in the regions with
the right technique, seasonal food and local producer channels, reflecting the cultural habits of the society with traditional
natural cooking methods to the present day without leaving behind, completing the cultural differences in the Anatolian
society with the right combinations and processing them into the stories of the dishes, Learning to respect the product and
directing current habits and cuisine are the rules of my professional life.
Without forgetting the eating habits of the culture I grew up in, I adopted the food identity of the region, followed the
methods of my elders, and got reactions in line with my own rule frameworks. I discovered and studied the sources of
enormous natural and cultural wealth in this geography, starting from the Aegean lands to the lands of Southeastern
Anatolia. Thus, I believed that under every food there is a labor and every dish that is made carries a story on its back.